Friday, 16 September 2011

'Death and The Maiden' by Robert Lenkiewicz at Torre Abbey, Devon, UK

Lenkiewicz Death and the Maiden
Above: one of the Lenkiewicz paintings currently showing at Torre Abbey

I went to the Robert Lenkiewicz exhibition at Torre Abbey a few weeks ago and with only a couple of weeks left (the exhibition ends on 2nd October 2011) I thought I would write a few lines about it.
First of all, if you like art, you should go! Plymouth-based artist Lenkiewicz was famous and infamous for his art, unusual life-style, major projects, book collection and headline-grabbing activities (perhaps the two most well-known being his faking his own death and the possession and preservation of  the corpse of his long-time friend and model "Diogenes" (whose embalmed corpse is on display at the exhibition)).
There are several examples of Lenkiewicz's exquisitely precise and vibrantly colored paintings on show, but even if his artistic endeavours are not your thing (I've heard his work described - I feel unfairly - by fellow artists as either "chocolate boxy" or "bloody awful") you should check out this exhibition for the insight into his working process that is provided by the less-often exhibited sketch books and watercolor paintings.
In addition, the Abbey has stunning paintings from many artists of different eras on permanent display that are well worth a look too.
You can find out more about Robert Lenkiewicz at theLenkiewicz Foundation Website

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

'Painting Landscapes & Animals with Interference Acrylics' New article on Squidoo

As a follow-up to one of my previous articles on interference acrylics, I've just published another lens, this time on 'Painting Landscapes & Animals with Interference Acrylics' which you can check out here. The article describes the step by step creation of 'Heather Bed' and some of the iridescent effects than can be achieved.
Art Prints

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Finished Painting: "The Defenders"

Here's the finished painting "The Defenders". The main developments are increasing the size of the head on the right hand bull, adding details to all three of the herd and painting in some grass and flowers in the pasture foreground. The title comes from the both the stance of the herd, the tribal mask-like appearance of the left hand animal along with the inclusion of the blue on the right hand bull which I think looks a little like war paint.

Sunday, 4 September 2011

Continuing with the new painting

Here are the next few stages of the new painting. Added another layer of paint to the center and right hand cow, the latter has also had its head enlarged from before

The pic below shows some texture added to the sky and grass, more definition on the cows, the right hand bovine head being enlarged a little more and some hills and trees indicated in the background.

In the 3rd photo, the sky has been blended and some clouds added. This was accomplished with interactive acrylic: The paint was applied and kept moist by spraying with water to allow the blue sky to be readily blended. Once fully dry the clouds were painted on and immediately sprayed with water and allowed to run a little to give a wispy effect. All three bulls have had their horns added and become more defined and some splashes of blue have been included on the right hand animal.